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Stay as comfy as possible when cozied up with a book. The book buddy is a reading accessory for holding your pages open. Designed to reduce strain and tension on your hand in awkward positions. Lean back without the pages of your book flopping in on themselves.


Very popular for reading bedtime stories to kiddos! Hold open recipe books while cooking, a script for acting, a choir book for singing, or of course just simply reading your favorite book.


From tree to what you see, we are part of the whole process of turning locally harvested trees into beautiful, and functional, home goods.

Book Buddies (Made-to-Order)

  • All made-to-order items are crafted after your order has been placed. Each item's wood grain patterning will slightly vary, depending on the cut. We always choose the best cut possible! Because of this natural variation, no two pieces will ever be alike.

    Made-to-Order items take between 1-7 days to craft, depending on the item and order demand. We work to get orders out as soon as possible. We ship as soon as possible after the piece is ready. Shipping time is usually 2-4 business days. You will recieve a confirmation email when your order has shipped along with USPS tracking information. Contact us for questions about your order status

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