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This small token can be used to assist you in finding direction in your daily life. Where the arrow points lies what is ahead for you. What does the direction of the arrow bring to mind? Does the arrow point at you, another person, a path, a chore, a pet, something on your to-do list? Tend to what needs to be watered in your garden of life. No matter how you choose to interpret the hidden messages of the arrow rune, know that movement in any direction, within your mind or your body, will lead you where you need to go. 


We began using our own arrow rune after Mike found it in the dirt, working as a landscaper. He began the practice of spinning the arrow rune to focus his mind in a certain direction of action or thought. Sometimes it can be difficult to quiet our chattering brains. Our rune helps us in narrowing our focus in order to move forward.


Size: Each piece varies slightly. On average 1.5" long, 1" wide, .25" tall

Wooden Runes (Made-to-Order)

  • All made-to-order items are crafted after your order has been placed. Each item's wood grain patterning will slightly vary, depending on the the cut. We always choose the best cut possible! Because of this natural variation, no two pieces will ever be alike.

    Made-to-Order items take between 3-14 days to craft and ship, depending on the item and order demand. We work to get orders out as soon as possible. You will recieve a confirmation email when your order has shipped along with USPS tracking information. Contact us for questions about your order status

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